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To register, click on the Webinar button for the event and complete the brief registration form.  If you need accommodations (such as live closed captioning services) to attend the online training opportunities, please register for your preferred training at least one week in advance.


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10:00 AM

Welcome to Catamaran   Webinar


11:00 AM

Welcome to Catamaran    Webinar


2:00 PM

 Welcome to Catamaran   Webinar


1:00 PM  

 Welcome to Catamaran   Webinar


10:30 AM 

Catamaran September Preview Webinar


3:00 PM

Welcome to Catamaran    Webinar


2:00 PM

Welcome to Catamaran Regional Training  Ingham ISD


9:00 AM 

Welcome to Catamaran    Webinar


10:00 AM

Welcome to Catamaran    Webinar


Time TBD

Welcome to Catamaran Regional Training  Marquette Alger RESA


Time TBD

Welcome to Catamaran Regional Training  Eastern Upper Peninsula ISD
  • Please access the webinars at the link listed above and enter the Meeting ID number as listed. There is no password to attend the webinars.
  • You will be given the option to connect your audio by computer or by phone. To join the webinar by phone dial: 1-646-558-8656 (US Toll) and enter the webinar ID. 

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