Discipline Toolkit: OSEP—Suspension/Expulsion

The State Performance Plan and Annual Performance Report identify Suspension/ Expulsion according to:

Overview Questions

The OSE has prepared an Overview for Indicator 4A (Suspension/Expulsion) and 4B (Suspension/Expulsion by Race/Ethnicity) to address the following questions:

  1. What is the difference between Indicator 4A and 4B?
  2. Where do these data come from?
  3. How are calculations for Indicator 4B different from those for Indicators 9 and 10 (Disproportionate Representation)?
  4. My local’s counts appear to be reasonable. Why then, have we been selected for monitoring?
  5. My local was monitored for suspension/expulsion last school year. Must I go through this process again?
  6. For the purposes of Indicators 4A and 4B, does the number of suspension days that a student with an IEP accumulates during the school year follow the student even if the student enrolls in a different local?