Discipline Toolkit: Literature

The Library of Michigan and staff from Public Sector Consultants Inc. provided much of the research services needed to compile the articles summarized for your review. The Bloomfield Hills School District provided assistance creating the directions for accessing articles through the Michigan eLibrary (MeL).

Links to obtain as many of the articles as possible have been included. However, when the author does not make articles available on his or her website, the Office of Special Education is unable to provide a link to the articles that are copyrighted by the particular journal in which the article was published.

Residents of Michigan interested in doing so may access either a PDF or Word version of the articles as follows:

  • State employees may access the articles through the Resources of Employees Site at the Library of Michigan
  • Michigan eLibrary (MeL)
    • Local public librarians and public school librarians may review either a PDF or Word version of the article by selecting “MeL Databases” and then selecting “Search Multiple Databases.”
    • Residents of Michigan with either a valid driver’s license or valid library card my review either a PDF or Word version of the article by selecting “MeL Databases,” selecting “Search Multiple Databases,” and then entering either your driver’s license number or selecting your local library and entering your library card number.

If your local or school librarian is unsure of how to make the request, the librarian may contact the Library of Michigan at (517) 373-1300 for assistance.