B-4B Suspension/Expulsion by Race/Ethnicity

B-4B Data Information

What is B-4B?

Rate of suspensions and expulsions of students with an IEP by race/ethnicity.

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When was the data collected?

Findings of noncompliance are based on data from FFY 2013 (collected between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014) and monitoring results.

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Additional Information About B-4B

  • APR Definition: Percent of districts that have: (a) a significant discrepancy, by race or ethnicity, in the rate of suspensions and expulsions of greater than 10 days in a school year of children with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs); and (b) policies, procedures or practices that contribute to the significant discrepancy and do not comply with requirements relating to the development and implementation of IEPs, the use of positive behavioral interventions and support, and procedural safeguards.
  • Calculation
    • A district was identified as having a significant discrepancy in rates of suspensions and expulsions by race/ethnicity if 3.6 percent or more of its students with IEPs in a racial/ethnic group received out-of-school suspensions/expulsions for greater than 10 days cumulatively during the school year. Only locals with at least 30 students with IEPs enrolled during the school year were considered.
    • For those selected locals, the suspension/expulsion data for a particular race/ethnicity category was examined if there were at least 10 students with IEPs in this category enrolled during the school year.