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The CIMS August 2014 Part B Workbooks are now live! Visit to view and acknowledge your reports by September 15, 2014 and complete any required activities.


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CIMS Workbook

Upcoming Due Dates

9/15: Dec 2013 Request CAP Verification
                                 & Closeout

9/15: Aug 2014 Acknowledge Part B Reports

10/1: Aug 2014 Submit CAPs to MDE

CIMS Workbook Due Dates

CIMS ISD Monitor Timeline

CIMS TA Provider Timeline

Welcome to CIMS!

Ensuring that students and children with disabilities are prepared to live independent and productive lives is the ultimate goal of all the activities monitored by the Michigan Department of Education Offices of Special Education (OSE) and Early Childhood Education and Family Services (ECE&FS).

The Continuous Improvement and Monitoring System (CIMS) is the system used by the state to promote positive outcomes and ensure compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) of 2004 and the Michigan Administrative Rules for Special Education.

CIMS was designed to help locals analyze and interpret data and keep track of all monitoring activities in a single location. CIMS reflects the priorities of the IDEA 2004 and the State Performance Plan (SPP) and is aligned with the School Improvement Framework.